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About Us

National Cold Chain Training Centre.

HEMR Unit, SHTO, Pune.


National Cold Chain & Vaccine Management Training Centre, Pune, a part of office of Deputy Director of Health Services, Pune , was established in 1983, under the guidance of Govt. of India with technical & financial assistance of UNICEF. The centre has been supporting Central Government in capacity building activities of Cold Chain Management. Since then this centre has been conducting training for technicians and officers of the States of India on Cold Chain equipment repair and maintenance at the request of Government of India and with UNICEF support.

In the year 2006 as requested by Government of India this center was revived by UNICEF through generous support from NIPI for Cold Chain training and to provide technical support to State and Central Government on Cold Chain Management. Though this is a State Training Center it has been supporting and providing services of a National Training Center for more than two decades. National Cold Chain Training Center, Pune is a unique national training centre in India.

Structure of the NCCVMTC:

  • The Training Center is headed by Deputy Director of Health Services (Transport). The training centre has following staff:

    Sr. No. Designation No. of Posts
    1 Principal Facilitator 1
    2 Technical Instructors 4
    3 Training Coordinator 1
    4 Other Support Staff 5

    Training Center also hires freelance facilitators based on the requirement of various training courses. The center has essential infrastructure including advanced tools required for providing on job training on Cold Chain repair and maintenance.


Salary of the staff is borne by the Government of Maharashtra and all training related fund is provided by UNICEF keeping Government of India in the loop. Since Jan 2007 with fund utilization rate is more than 89%. The center has conducted cold chain training programmes in more than 30 States including Union Territories.

Achievement of the Training Center:

As of today NCCVMTC has trained more than 450 Cold Chain Technicians and Cold chain Officers of 30 States including Union Territories through 30 batches. Following is the list of courses:

  • Induction Training of Refrigerator Technicians.
  • On job training on repair of NON-CFC (Chloro-Floro-Carbon) Ice lined Refrigerator and Deep Freezer. This course includes practical on using advanced Locking Technology.
  • TOT (Training of Trainers) for on job training on Solid State 1 KVA voltage stabilizer repair maintenance.
  • TOT (Training of Trainers) for on job training on Servo Controlled 10 KVA voltage stabilizer repair maintenance.
  • On job training on Solar Refrigerator installation, maintenance and repair.

Way Forward:

In future National Cold Chain Training Centre, Pune will become Collaborative Training Centre of National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi.