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About Us


NIHFW, New Delhi



NCCVMRC will facilitate the establishment of a high quality, effective and efficient immunization supply chain in India to ensure universal immunization coverage with safe and potent vaccines.


  • Provide technical support for all cold chain & vaccine logistics management initiatives at the national level as per the directives of the Immunization Division, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. 
  • Enhance the capacity of all staff, program managers and policy makers in the country to run an effective and efficient immunization supply chain.
  • Ensure the development of a comprehensive and integrated monitoring system across all levels of the immunization supply chain in the country.



  • Develop, operationalize and scale up the National Cold Chain MIS and Vaccine Logistics management MIS across all states, districts and cold chain points of India.
  • Conduct periodic assessments/ studies in CC&VLM.
  • Develop training packages on cold chain and vaccine management based on training need, performance gap and programme need.
  • Capacity building of Programme managers at all levels on cold chain and vaccine management in addition to cold chain technicians.
  • Undertake regular reviews of cold chain and vaccine management both at national and state level.
  • Provide technical support to MoHFW and states on cold chain equipment, building, spare parts standard and other CC&VLM components.
  • Undertake regular vaccine & cold chain temperature monitoring of bulk vaccine storage sites to ensure vaccine quality.
  • Function as the Secretariat for the NCCVLAP development and implementation.
  • Function as national resource centre for conducting EVM at national and state and development of improvement Plan following the assessment.



Activities NCCTC, Pune NCCVMRC, New Delhi
Training 197 technicians trained on WIC/WIF 280 technicians trained on  ILR/DF 
3 batches  SNCU Training for 3 states 172 state trainers trained on NCCMIS
Developed draft training module for ILR/DF and WIC/WIF Facilitators  orientation on ECCVMC
Revised Cold chain handlers training module
Studies and Assessment Temperature study of vaccine carrier  hold over time National Cold Chain assessment 2014 
Prepared Proposal for Freeze Markers study Hybrid Solar System evaluation in Maharashtra
EVM assessment in  Assam and  Odisha
Consultation workshop WHO-PQS workshop NCCVLAP workshop
Technical support to MOHFW Participated in 3 MOHFW meetings of CCE and vaccine van specification GOI Coding of spares in 2 GMSDs
Support to state ( Major Cold chain failure , NCCMIS training ) Delhi and Himachal Pradesh SVS WIC failure Delhi SVS WIC failure
All NE states  for CC planning and strengthening of CC All NE states  for CC planning and strengthening of CC
Health Equipment MIS Development  for MH state District level NCCMIS review and training in 8 states
Hybrid Solar Scale up in MH
Retro fitting of WIC
Innovation and CCE test laboratory development NCCTC, Pune
Developed and piloted  face plate  with Electronic microprocessor  for replacement of spares in 11 states
Mapping of Indian compatible spare parts
Develop prototype of integrated AMF controller ,master logger and temp  controller for WIC/WIF
Completed WHO-PQS laboratories visit  and  developed draft Lab establishment proposal
MIS development and maintenance  NCCVMRC
NCCMIS implementation in all states and UTs
NCCMIS maintenance and helpline support
NCCMIS augmentation proposal
Temperature Monitoring of WIC/WIF   NCCVMRC has a temperature monitoring cell  which  provides regular feedback to the 10 states with 54 cold room  with wireless data loggers


The website is developed and managed by NCCVMRC, NIHFW, New Delhi with Technical support of UNICEF