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 Assessments and Studies


NCCVLAP Document

Cold Chain Assessments

The assessment of cold chain is carried out with primary objective of reviewing the cold chain strength (total inventory of cold chain equipment, operational status) and factors that affect the performance of these equipments. A comprehensive national assessment was carried out in year 2008 and earlier similar assessments were done in the states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The detailed reports of these assessments can be downloaded from link below.

Vaccine Management Assessments

Vaccine management assessment is carried out with two primary objectives of evaluating the strengths and practices of vaccine management & cold chain and at the same time utilize the opportunity of training the staff in best vaccine management practices. Download the detailed note to learn more about VMA from here.
VMA was typically carried out using the tool called VMAT (Vaccine Management Assessment Tool) developed by WHO. This tool was revised later and the latest tool called EVM (Effective Management Assessment) is now used for carrying out the assessments.
The detailed reports of VMAT and EVM conducted across several states can be downloaded from link below. The summary of these assessments have been compiled together and you can download this summary sheet in form of  fact sheet from here

Unicef Vaccine Freezing Study 2013

Coverage Evaluation Survey - UNICEF - 2009

The coverage evaluation survey of UIP program is periodically conducted by UNICEF. Download the copy of 2009 survey from here.

Study on Vaccine Wastage - 2009

 The vaccine requirement estimates always includes wastage factor which is based on prevailing rates of vaccine wastage in the country. Though the wastage is not entirely preventable, there are several interventions that can reduce the wastage of vaccine. A study on vaccine wastage was carried out by GOI and UNICEF in 2009 to review the prevailing wastage rates of vaccine in the country and recommend the measures to reduce the wastage. Download the copy of report from here.

Assessment of Alternate Vaccine Delivery - 2009

 A study on alternate vaccine delivery was carried out by MoHFW- Orissa with objectives to assess the status of the existing alternate vaccine delivery system and document best practices and lessons learnt to guide state policy and plans for improving timely delivery of quality vaccine at the session site enabling the health workers to spend adequate time for vaccination and counseling. Also to identify various options of alternate mechanism of vaccine delivery to the immunization session site with costing. Download the report from here

Assessment of Sites for Installation of WIC/WIF 2007

UNICEF had supplied 13 cold rooms across states in the country to strengthen the supply chain of UIP . A detailed assessment was carried out to review the site preparedness for installation of cold rooms. This report provides the guidelines on requirements for installation of cold rooms and preparedness of site towards the installation.  Download the copy of report from here

Performance Needs Assessment of Basic Health Care Workers in India - 2005

Performance Needs Assessment (PNA) is a tool which uses various approaches to identify performance gaps in a health system in order to determine the best interventions to improve performance. A PNA was conducted with objectives of identifing the gaps in performance of basic health care workers in providing immunization services (including the training needs) so as to plan for interventions to improve the performance in India across 8 states covering 40 districts during 14 to 30 October 2005. Download the copy of report from here

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